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  Kim Sudderth


Meet The Photographer 

It was over 25 years ago. I picked up my first camera, which was a Nikon film camera. Yes, I said the film. It was not long after the digit camera came on the scene, and I must admit I did not like it. I felt as if a digital camera was a scapegoat to taking a great photo. It felt or instead; it seemed like the digital camera was a point and shoot with no form of skill required. 

For years I turned my nose up at the digital camera. I put my camera down and decided to work on other things. Years had gone by, and I refused to touch my camera knowing that the world was passed film and couldn't appreciate a good photo; at least that is what I thought. One day while in Manhattan, I came across this amazing building and wanted to take a picture of it. I found myself crouching down and positioning my camera phone to the angle that I wanted to see. When I looked into the camera phone, it was just as I saw it in my artist's eye. That's when I realized its not the camera. It is the eyes of the beholder. From that point on, I respected the digital camera and its owners. I no longer saw the digital camera as mindless. I also learned the camera is and has always been a tool. 

It's the tool that tells the story that our words can not capture the colors of life.

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